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Tue, 18 Oct, 2016

News item: Trustee Janz and Draper continue leading the Board

Our Board of Trustees unanimously voted to keep Michael Janz and Michelle Draper as their chair and vice-chair respectively during the October 4, 2016 public board meeting.

“I’m honoured my Board colleagues have confidence in me as their chair and want me to continue in this role,” said Board Chair Janz. “I take great pride in advocating for our students and families and am so very proud of the amazing work that happens in our classrooms each and every day, as our staff helps shape the learners of today into the leaders of tomorrow.”

Vice-Chair Draper added, “Our Board is a great team, and I too am humbled and honoured to keep serving our 95,000 plus students and their families. Giving back through public service is really important to each and every Trustee on our Board. We truly feel like we are making a difference for the children in our communities.”

In other Board news, Trustees approved $1.1 million for professional improvement or tuition for teachers, an increase of $100,000 from last year. Trustees also approved $150,000 for a similar fund for exempt staff.

Earlier this month, three Student Trustees took their oath of office. Molly French, Andrew Li and Jacob Dunn presented the Student Senate’s work plan for the year, which outlined four key areas students would like to focus on: student health and wellness, having student voice in the province’s curriculum redevelopment, career and job readiness as students prepare for life beyond school, and successful classroom learning that hinges on flexibility and strong student-teacher relationships.