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Inclusive Education Advisory Committee Vacancies

Tue, 23 Feb, 2016

News item: Inclusive Education Advisory Committee Vacancy 4

We need the support of parents and external partners with a strong interest in special education to help us build the inclusive education system we envision for our District. If you would like to play a role in providing a welcoming, inclusive school experience for all children, apply for a position on the Inclusive Education Parent and Community Advisory Committee. We are accepting applications until March 31, 2016.


The Inclusive Education Parent and Community Advisory Committee is comprised of ten members of the public and two members representing District administration.

The committee focuses on helping the District develop an inclusive education system by providing opportunities for:

  • administration to bring forward items for information and advice
  • parent and community members to discuss aspirations for inclusive education
  • two-way communication relating to District policy, regulation or practice regarding inclusive education


Members of the committee are expected to:

  • serve a two-year term
  • commit to three early evening meetings at the Centre for Education each year


Candidates will be selected to fill multiple vacancies. Other applicants may be asked to fill vacant positions through the year.

Selection of parent or community members will be at the discretion of District administration with the intent of seeking a balanced representation of:

  • parents with children currently attending District schools, and
  • other interested community members

Interviews may be arranged to assist in the selection process.


March 31, 2016


Complete the application form.


Terms of Reference
Committee Overview

For more information, contact Lisa.Boston@epsb.ca, 780-429-8629.


“I am confident that I'm making a real difference.”

That’s the feeling that makes Wendy Sauve so enthusiastic about being a member of the Inclusive Education Parent and Community Advisory Committee.

“I get to know that we’re making it better for all children, not just my own child – and we’re making it better for the next 10 years of children.

“As a committee, we get to speak directly to decision makers. We know that what we have to say fans out across the District. Heads of different departments actually come to us when they have new projects, gathering our input. It feels much more proactive than reactive – like we’re creating change, rather than fighting it. ”

Wendy is a parent volunteer with the Edmonton Regional Coalition for Inclusive Education (ERC), but doesn’t feel new committee volunteers need any special committee background or training. “Fresh voices and ears are always good. An understanding of their own viewpoint and a willingness to speak up are the key requirements.”

If this sounds like a committee you would like to be part of, please see the Terms of Reference and application form.

Applications are due by March 31, 2016.