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Candidate Videos

We invited 2017 Trustee election candidates to share their thoughts on educational issues and their role as a trustee in a series of videos. 

We asked each participating candidate 4 questions. 

  1. Why do you want to be a trustee on the Edmonton Public School Board?
  2. What strengths and experience can you contribute to the work of the Board of Trustees for Edmonton Public Schools?
  3. What do you see as the 3 most important challenges facing public education and what do you believe should be done to address them?
  4. As a trustee, you have 1 of 9 votes at the decision-making table. How will you advance your goals for the next three years within this structure?




 Ward A       

Ahmed Knowmadic Ali
Perry Chahal
Cheryl Johner
George Chung Yan Lam
Joseph Luri

Thomas Deak 
James Gault 

 Ward B Michelle Draper (acclaimed)  
 Ward C Shelagh Dunn
Jon Hoffman
Kurt Kronebusch
 Orville Chubb
 Ward D                      Jeff Behrens
Trisha Estabrooks
Kevin O’Connor
Tamie Perryment
 Ward E Sam Filice
Ken Gibson 
 Chris Hurley 
 Ward F Michael Janz
Yemi Philip
 Ward G Tyler Duce
Bridget Stirling
 Ward H Neda Asadi
Nathan Ip
 Ward I

Sherry Adams
Saira Wagner

 Sajida Asghar