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Ready for Kindergarten


Kindergarten children meet all developmental milestones

Percentage of children in District Kindergarten programs that meet developmental milestones. (Source: Early Years Evaluation - Teacher Assessment, Fall 2014)

The District administers the Early Years Evaluation — Teacher Assessment (EYE-TA) to all District Kindergarten students in the fall. Information from the EYE-TA is used to measure developmental milestones so staff can provide children with the supports and services they need to help them grow.

The EYE-TA measures five domains of early learning that show how ready a child is to learn: Awareness of Self and Environment; Social Skills and Approaches to Learning; Cognitive Skills; Language and Communication; and, Physical Development.

Priority 1

Student Growth and Success

Foster growth and success for every student by supporting their journey from early learning through high school completion and beyond.

Goal One

An excellent start to learning

Outcome: More children enter Grade 1 reaching emotional, social, intellectual and physical developmental milestones.

Why is it important?

The early years are an important developmental time in children's lives. Children are growing, discovering the world around them, and forming the skills they need to support their growth and lifelong learning. This early foundation is a District priority that sets the stage for future success.

The EYE-TA provides information that helps kindergarten teachers organize their instruction, increase learning time, and monitor each child's progress. It also informs parents about their child's progress.