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Satisfied with special support


Parents satisfied with special support their child gets at school

Percentage of parents satisfied with the special support their child has received at school (Source: Accountability Pillar, May 2015).

Alberta Education surveys parents of students who receive special support to measure their level of satisfaction with that support.


Priority 1

Student Growth and Success

Foster growth and success for every student by supporting their journey from early learning through high school completion and beyond.

Goal Two

Success for every student

Outcome: More students demonstrate growth and achieve student learning outcomes with a specific focus on literacy and numeracy.

Why is it important?

Literacy and numeracy are foundations of successful learning and living, and help students reach their full potential and experience a better quality of life. These skills are also essential in the workplace.

To discover and make meaning of the world, students need the ability to acquire, create, connect, and communicate information in a variety of situations that go beyond the foundational basics of reading, writing, and solving simple arithmetic problems.