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Bus ride times


yellow bus ride times under 60 minutes

Percentage of yellow bus riders whose one-way trip is under 60 minutes (Source: Information Report: Student Transportation Average Ride Times, 2014).

Edmonton Public Schools is committed to providing safe and timely transportation for students who depend on buses to get to school each day. The District aims to ensure that one-way yellow bus ride times for all students are 60 minutes or less.

Priority 2

Learning and working environments

Provide welcoming, high quality learning and working environments.

Goal Two

Quality infrastructure for all

Outcome: Students and staff benefit from high quality learning and working environments that facilitate quality program delivery through effective planning, managing and investing in district infrastructure.

Why is it important?

The quality of the District’s infrastructure provides a foundation for high quality teaching and learning. This includes buildings and the systems that support those buildings (such as communication and transportation networks). High quality infrastructure allows staff to work more effectively and supports students as they learn.