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Using our space


District-wide space utilization rate

Percentage of school space used across the District (Source: Capital Plan, 2013-14).

Each year, the Province measures use of school space in each school and by the District overall. Provincial facility funding for schools is impacted by the District's usage rate.

Even if a school district's overall utilization rate is low, certain areas or schools in that district may have very high utilization rates, indicating the need for more space for students in those areas. In this case, the district may be eligible for expansion funding in those specific areas needing more space.

For Edmonton Public Schools, this means that some areas of the city are in critical need of more space for students, even though the district-wide utilization rate is relatively low.

Priority 2

Learning and working environments

Provide welcoming, high quality learning and working environments.

Goal Two

Quality infrastructure for all

Outcome: Students and staff benefit from high quality learning and working environments that facilitate quality program delivery through effective planning, managing and investing in district infrastructure.

Why is it important?

The quality of the District’s infrastructure provides a foundation for high quality teaching and learning. This includes buildings and the systems that support those buildings (such as communication and transportation networks). High quality infrastructure allows staff to work more effectively and supports students as they learn.


Note: Prior to the 2014-15 school year, District utilization was calculated using the Area, Capacity and Utilization (ACU) methodology. It's now calculated using the Instructional Area Model (IAM) methodology. IAM considers 100% capacity as full utilization, compared to 85% under ACU.