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Leadership development


participants in the Leadership Development Framework

Number of staff participating in professional growth opportunities through the District's Leadership Development Framework (Source: Human Resources, 2013-14).

The District monitors and tracks participation in its Leadership Development Framework (LDF). This framework provides opportunities for emerging and experienced leaders to grow professionally through formal learning, mentorship, peer-to-peer learning and job-embedded experiences.

Priority 2

Learning and working environments

Provide welcoming, high quality learning and working environments.

Goal Three

Building capacity through a culture of collaboration and distributed leadership

Outcome: Throughout their careers, all staff are provided opportunities to enhance their professional capacity and leadership within a culture of collaboration.

Why is it important?

High quality teaching and leadership are at the heart of student success. Providing quality education and learning environments, along with supports and services that help students succeed, is a responsibility all District staff share.

Through a culture of collaboration and shared leadership, including regular opportunities for professional learning, each and every staff member contributes to student success.