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District Feedback Survey

In the spring of 2017, we invited staff, students, parents and community members to tell us about their experience with Edmonton Public Schools.

The survey results gave us some great information about what people think is important and how we’re doing at achieving the goals in our District Strategic Plan. Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. We value your feedback and take it seriously when thinking about how we can better serve our students and the wider community.


More than 30,000 students, parents, community members and staff took part in the survey this year.

VIEWResults of the 2017 District Feedback Survey (PDF) 

Some key highlights were:

  • community members feel our District provides quality education to students
  • parents and students both feel schools do a good job preparing kids for their next grade level
  • both parents and community members feel the top skills students need to enter the workforce are reading, working with others, oral communication, writing and thinking
  • teachers are the most useful resources students have when it comes to career planning
  • students feel safe at school, that they belong and that their schools are caring and respectful places