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Opening in September 2016, Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School in Ambleside (Windermere) will accommodate:

  • Kindergarten to Grade 9
  • 900 students

Grades offered at schools try to maximize the number of students in the community who can attend the school. This can change over time depending on the number and age of students in the community.


  • The Windermere area is a collection of neighbourhoods in southwest Edmonton.
  • The new school construction will be in the Ambleside neighbourhood at 3815 Allan Drive SW.
  • The school will be located on the north side of the site. Check out the site plan.


Students Who Are New to the District (Including Kindergarten)

Schools start accepting registration for new students for the 2016-2017 school year on February 2, 2016. If your child is new to Edmonton Public Schools, including those entering Kindergarten, you'll need to complete a Student Registration form.

Because the school is still under construction, you can submit a registration form for Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School at  any school across the District. When registering at a school: 

  • make sure the school knows you'd like to register for Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School
  • bring your completed registration form
  • bring confirmation of address
  • bring legal proof of the student’s name, citizenship and birth date

The school will make sure your registration package is delivered to the principal of the new school. Learn more about registering a new student and examples of accepted documentation

Students Who Currently Attend a District School

If your child is currently attending a District school and would like to attend Dr. hMargaret-Ann Armour School for the 2016-2017 school year, you can select the school by signing in to your parent SchoolZone account when it opens for pre-enrolment on March 14, 2016. Learn more about pre-enrolling current District students in SchoolZone

Random Selection

Students living in the attendance area are guaranteed entrance to Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School. Students living outside the attendance area may be accepted if there is still room after students in the attendance are have been accommodated. If the number of students who want to attend the school exceeds the available space, applicants from outside the school’s designated attendance area (but within the City of Edmonton) are chosen by random selection. Learn more about random selection


New schools opening in 2016 and 2017 will only offer the regular program. You can use the Find a School tool to search for schools that offer alternative programs.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas about attendance areas for Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School. We heard from some of you at our information meetings and many more through our online survey.  While not everyone will be happy with the decisions, please know they were made with thoughtful consideration, reviewing your feedback, and with the best interest of your children in mind.


The Superintendent has approved the following attendance area for Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School:

  • Students living in Ambleside and Glenridding Heights have been designated to attend Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School.
  • The school will have an open attendance area boundary. This means that students living outside the school’s attendance area can apply to attend. If the number of students who want to attend a school or program exceeds the available space, new applicants from outside the school’s designated attendance area are chosen by random selection.
  • Yellow bus service will be available to  eligible elementary students living in Glenridding Heights, as required. If Edmonton Transit System (ETS) service for junior high students in Glenridding Heights does not meet district standards, yellow bus service may be available for eligible junior high students. Learn more about yellow bus service.

VIEW: Map and Attendance Area Details


Only one option was considered for Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School. In creating attendance areas for the new schools, we want to allow as many students as possible to attend a school close to their home. However, we’ve learned from the opening of other new schools that we’ll need to accommodate more students as the surrounding communities continue to grow. 

For the 2016-2017 school year, students who live in Windermere Estates North/South will continue to be designated to McKee School

For the 2016-2017 school year, students living in Keswick and Windermere will continue to be designated to Ormsby School for K-6 and S. Bruce Smith School for 7-9. Once Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School and the new K-6 school in Windermere are open, this designation will be reconsidered.


The new school in Ambleside will be named after Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour, a prominent scientist who has dedicated decades of work to encouraging girls and young women to consider careers in the sciences and engineering. The Board of Trustees approved this school name, along with the names of four more new schools at a public meeting on June 23, 2015.

Child Care 

Edmonton Public Schools has partnered with the YMCA to open a child care centre in Dr. Margaret Ann-Armour School in September 2016. The centre will serve children from Kindergarten to Grade 6 who attend the school. 

The YMCA's full-time rates, effective September 2016, will be: 

  • $775/month for Kindercare 
  • $510/month for school-aged care 

To register or for more information, contact the YMCA at khicks@northernalberta.ymca.ca 


What’s Happening Now:

  • construction is complete

What’s Happening in the Coming Months:

  • equipment and supplies will be delivered to the school
  • staff will set up classrooms and office space
  • Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour will welcome students on September 1, 2016


Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour Floor Plan
Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour Design Renderings