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Greater Highlands: Continuing the Conversation


In the spring of 2014, we invited parents and community members in Greater Highlands to talk about the possibility of a replacement school in their area. This project would consolidate Montrose, Mount Royal and Highlands schools and replace them with a new or modernized school.  

There was interest and support for a Kindergarten to Grade 9 replacement school, but parents and community members felt the process was moving too quickly. The community wanted more opportunities to share their thoughts with us and have more concrete design plans and programming considerations.

In October 2014, the District returned to the Greater Highlands area and asked representatives of important stakeholder groups to participate in a working committee to provide feedback as we develop several options. The working committee includes:

  • school principals
  • district staff
  • parents (one from each school)
  • community representatives (one from each community league)

Based on what we heard from the community and the working committee, and our research and assessment information, we developed three building concepts.

We took the concepts back to the community in the spring of 2015, through public meetings and an online survey. Based on the feedback we received, and the recommendation of District administration, the Superintendent has approved Highlands Modernization Concept 2.

This project is currently unfunded. We developed a community-driven strategy for the Greater Highlands area, which is included in our Capital Plan, the request for capital funding we submit to the Province each year.

The approved design is in the conceptual stage. Detailed design work will begin once funding is announced and a budget determined.


For more information, call the Planning department at 780-429-8003.