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Highlands School Project


In the spring of 2014, we invited parents and community members in the Greater Highlands area to talk about the possibility of a replacement or modernized school in the area. We proposed options and asked for feedback about what the community would like to see. The project will honour the feedback we heard, which means that:

  • the original 1914 Highlands building will be modernized
  • the addition and Annex will be removed
  • a new addition will be built
  • Highlands School will become a K-9 school and welcome students from Mount Royal and Montrose schools, which will both close once the project is complete


If you were unable to attend our public visioning workshop on November 1, you can share your ideas online through a tool called ThoughtExchange. This tool allows participants to:

  • anonymously share ideas
  • consider and learn from ideas shared by others
  • rate ideas and negotiate priorities to see what’s important to the group

The deadline to share your feedback was November 16. Thank you to everyone who participated. We'll share more information about what happens next in the coming weeks. 


For more information, call the Planning department at 780-429-8539.