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Intern Teachers

  • Code: FCAB.AR
    Topic: Intern Teachers
    Issue Date: 29/01/2020
    Effective Date: 23/02/2009
    Review Year: 2014


    The purpose of the Intern Teacher Program is to:
      • provide additional classroom experience in the preparation of teachers;
      • provide additional information regarding the performance of teacher applicants; and
      • assist prospective teachers in their career planning.
    1. Candidates shall have completed a Bachelor of Education degree or equivalent.

    2. Candidates shall not have had any experience in Canada under a contract which required a teaching certificate.
    1. The placement of an intern teacher shall not result in the displacement or replacement of any full-time or part-time staff member.

    2. Intern teachers shall be provided experiences in all aspects of teaching.

    3. The work of an intern teacher shall be directly supervised by a teacher holding a permanent professional certificate and a continuing contract.

    4. An intern teacher shall not be assigned a learning group of his or her own nor be solely responsible for student programming and evaluation.

    5. The duties of an intern teacher shall be such that the removal of the intern teacher during the year will not require replacement staff, increasing current teacher F.T.E. or reorganization of students.
    1. When hired, intern teachers shall be paid as Exempt Non-Management 10-month employees.

    2. The intern shall be hired to work full-time except when the assignment is combined with a part-time internship sponsored by a recognized teacher training institution.

    3. The duration of employment as an intern shall not exceed three consecutive months.
    1. Principals wishing to employ an intern teacher shall submit, for approval by the Superintendent of Schools, a program plan which includes proposed duties of the intern teacher and the name(s) of the supervising teacher(s).

    2. Principals shall receive approval from the Superintendent of Schools prior to interviewing applicants for an intern teacher position.

    3. Staffing and Staff Development shall recommend applicants to principals after approval is given by the Superintendent of Schools.

    4. Human Resources shall provide each intern teacher a copy of this regulation upon commencement of employment.

    5. A school utilizing an intern teacher shall retain, on file, a copy of the approved plan that has been acknowledged by the signatures of the supervising teacher and the intern teacher.

    6. Where there are multiple three-month intern assignments in the same school year at one location, each shall be under the supervision of a different teacher.

    7. Intern teachers shall receive a performance appraisal from their supervising teacher(s) or principal.

    8. The Superintendent of Schools shall initiate an investigation upon receipt of any concern regarding the duties performed by an intern.