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Dr. Anne Anderson (Heritage Valley) 10-12


In fall 2017, the provincial government announced funding for a new public high school in southwest Edmonton. Dr. Anne Anderson School in Heritage Valley will accommodate up to 1,800 students in Grades 10-12 when it opens.


Thank you to everyone who attended the information meeting on December 5. If you missed the meeting, you can view the main floor, second floor and site plan (PDF).


For more information, contact Infrastructure at 780-429-8539.



The new school in Heritage Valley will be named after Dr. Anne Anderson. Dr. Anne Anderson (1906-1997) was in her 60s when she started writing more than 90 books about the Cree language and Métis history, traditions, herbal remedies and recipes. In the early 1980s, she established the Dr. Anne Anderson Native Heritage and Cultural Centre, which offered Cree language courses for children and adults as well as a library and other resources. Anderson’s extensive collection of artifacts and books was later preserved by the Métis Nation of Alberta.

Her work has been recognized with numerous awards including an Alberta Achievement Award, the Order of Canada and an honorary doctorate from the University of Alberta. The Board of Trustees approved this school name, along with the names of two more new schools, at a public board meeting on May 8, 2018. Read her full biography or watch the Dr. Anne Anderson video to learn more about her contributions and achievements.