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Westlawn Area School Project


In spring 2016, we invited parents and community members in the greater Westlawn area to talk about the condition of four schools in the area: Afton, Glendale, Sherwood and Westlawn.

In May 2016, we hosted a second meeting to talk about potential concepts for schools in the Westlawn area. City of Edmonton staff also joined us to share information about other community projects happening in the area and to answer questions.

From October 2016 to February 2017, a working committee group developed a community-driven plan using feedback gathered at the public meetings, along with data and other information.

VIEWReport to the Community (PDF) provides a closer look at our engagement and consultation process in the Britannia, Westlawn and Rosslyn areas. 


In spring 2017, we presented concepts, based on feedback we heard from all public meetings, responses to online surveys and from the working committee. The community showed a preference for Concept 2:

  • A new K-3 school on the Afton School site
  • A Grade 4-9 school on the Westlawn School site

The government announced funding for this project in March 2018. This will consolidate all students from Afton, Glendale, Sherwood and Westlawn schools into the two new schools when they open.

A public meeting was held at Westlawn School on May 28, 2018 to discuss the recommendation to close Afton, Glendale, Sherwood and Westlawn schools.


Administration will ask the Board of Trustees to vote on the closure of the schools at an upcoming Board meeting.

A community visioning workshop will happen in the future to talk about next steps for the concept design of the new schools. We’ll also have a meeting to talk about closed school buildings at a later date.


For more information, contact your school directly or the Infrastructure department at 780-429-8539 or planning@epsb.ca.