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Assessment measures what your child knows and can do based on the curriculum. Teachers give tests and assignments and make observations throughout the year to understand your child’s strengths and areas for improvement. This helps teachers shape instruction for your child and gives you a clear and accurate picture of where your child is in his or her learning.  


Each school has developed a School Assessment Plan to help you understand how teachers assess and evaluate your child. It includes information about:

  • how students’ grades/marks are determined
  • parent, teacher and student responsibilities
  • the steps taken to address missing or incomplete work

You can find your schools’ assessment plan on SchoolZone and school website.


The assessment plan also explains how and when schools will inform you about your child’s learning using:

  • progress reports
  • interim reports
  • parent-teacher conferences
  • individualized program plans (IPPs) for students in need of specialized supports and services
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Proficiency Benchmarks

Review your school’s assessment plan to find distribution dates for your child’s progress reports and dates for conferences.