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Vision, Mission, Values, and Priorities

  • Code: AD.BP
    Topic: Vision, Mission, Values, and Priorities
    Issue Date: 21/06/2022
    Effective Date: 26/05/1987
    Review Year: 2026


To provide a shared philosophical foundation to guide the work, strategic planning and decision making in the Division.

To reflect the Board of Trustees’ (the Board) mandated responsibility and expectation for providing a welcoming, inclusive, safe and healthy learning and working environment throughout the Division.


Vision is the ideal future state or conditions that the Division aspires to create. 

A Mission declares the practical commitments and actions that the Division believes are needed to achieve its vision. 

Priorities are broad statements that describe long-range desired results based on our Vision, Mission and Values. 

Values are what anchor the Division and are foundational; they are not just a way of doing, but a way of being.


Vision - Enhancing pathways for student success

Mission - Our commitment to high-quality public education serves the community and empowers each student to live a life of dignity, fulfillment, empathy and possibility. 

Values - Accountability, collaboration, equity and integrity

Division Priorities 2022-2026

  1. Build on outstanding learning opportunities for all students.

  2. Advance action towards anti-racism and reconciliation.

  3. Promote a comprehensive approach to student and staff well-being and mental health.


The Superintendent will provide regular reports and feedback at public Board meetings to ensure the work of the Division aligns with the Vision, Mission, Values, and Priorities established by the Board.


Education Act - Sections 3, 4, 6, 10, 12, 14, 33(1), 35.1(1), 52