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COVID-19 Cases

We know families are concerned about the health and well-being of their children during these uncertain times. To learn about what’s happening inside our schools, here’s a look at COVID-19 cases across the Division.


Starting October 19, Alberta Health Services (AHS) resumed notifying the Division about confirmed COVID-19 cases. 

Families will receive a letter from their school if AHS confirms their child was exposed to a person who tested positive for COVID-19 and was infectious while at school. This includes students and staff in the same class, participating in team sports at school or those who sat within three rows of the COVID-19 case on the yellow bus. The school will let their school community know through SchoolZone.

COVID-19 cases starting October 19 represent people who were infectious while at school, as confirmed by AHS. Cases that occurred before October 19 were self-reported by families and staff to the Division.

To protect an individual's privacy, further details will not be released. This information is updated every weekday around 3 p.m., excluding holidays.



An outbreak is when there are 10 or more confirmed cases of COVID-19 (students or staff) who were at school while infectious within a 14-day period. 

If AHS declares an outbreak, schools will send families a letter. AHS determines the length of an outbreak period—schools will notify families when AHS has declared the outbreak is over.

To search for schools with outbreak status, view the Government of Alberta’s COVID-19 School Status list. This information is updated every weekday, except holidays. 

If you have questions about an outbreak, please call 811.