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Student Supports and Services

Managing your well-being is part of everyday life. There are times when you may encounter a personal barrier or setback that can make learning difficult. If you’re struggling, it’s OK to ask school staff for help with: 

  • attendance
  • completing assignments and homework
  • obtaining credits for graduation
  • language interpretation and intercultural communication 
  • managing the demands of extracurricular activities
  • addressing relationship challenges, social issues, times of crisis


For mental health support, referrals or someone to talk to, you can access:


For other health, financial or learning supports, consider contacting:

  • Health Link at 811 for health advice and information from Alberta Health Services
  • the provincial education help line (phone or email) for more information about supports for diverse learning needs
  • Alberta’s Income Support program for help with basic needs like food, clothing and shelter
  • BGS Career Ventures to find out if you’re eligible for learner income support to help you complete high school


Learning can be exciting and challenging as you work toward your academic goals. Talk to your teachers and school counsellors for advice about earning high school credits, exploring skills and job training opportunities and getting homework help.