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Student Supports and Services

Students sometimes experience difficulties with school work, getting along with other students or even problems not directly related to their school. We are committed to ensuring that every student experiences success and maximizes their learning potential.

Talk to a teacher or a school counsellor if:

  • you need homework help
  • you need social support
  • you are experiencing situations that interfere with your learning and attendance
  • you are missing a few credits to graduate
  • you have outside commitments that do not work with traditional schooling

Additional support for students

The Support Network provides active support for a variety of issues and a 24-hour Distress Line.

Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton provides a 24-hour Crisis Line devoted to helping individuals affected by sexual abuse and assault.

www.bullying.org promotes promotes bullying prevention through education and awareness.

Planning for after graduation

If you are planning to continue your studies after high school, talk to a teacher or school counsellor about post secondary registration, deadlines, application processes, open houses, scholarship opportunities and student loans. If you are thinking of heading directly into the workforce, talk to a counsellor about skills and job training opportunities.