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Trustees to ask for help with costs of educating Syrian newcomers

Tue, 29 Mar, 2016

News item: Board will ask government to help with costs of educating Syrian newcomers

The Board of Trustees will ask the federal government to contribute to the cost of educating Syrian newcomer students, who have arrived in Edmonton over the last few months. Approximately 500 school-aged Syrian newcomers have been integrated and welcomed into Edmonton Public Schools since the new year. 

Typically, the provincial government funds education, in part, based on the number of students enrolled at the beginning of the school year. Because the newcomer students arrived later, no funds were allocated for these students. 

“We are committed to providing a high-quality education for each and every one of our students,” said Board Chair Michael Janz. “But finding resources to integrate hundreds of additional students is a challenge. We feel this is a fair request to make considering this is a federal priority.”

Trustees unanimously approved a motion to request funding from the federal government during the March 15, 2016 board meeting. The District will ask for more than $2 million in funding assistance.

Three-Year Capital Plan 2017-2020

At the same meeting, the Board unanimously approved the District’s Three-Year Capital Plan. This plan outlines the our top infrastructure or building needs and is sent to the province for approval and funding. The District’s top 10 priorities for the first year include: a K-9 modernization of Highlands School, a new junior high in the Meadows, a new elementary in Pilot Sound, two new schools in Windermere, a K-9 school in Heritage Valley, three new or modernized schools including a mature community project, and the Collegiate School for Science, Technology & Trades. Learn more about capital planning.