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Thu, 11 May, 2017

News item: Safe and inclusive District report

At the May 9, 2017 public meeting, District administration presented a report that showed our students, staff and families feel District schools are safe, welcoming and respectful places.

“Our Board sees first-hand how our staff and students live out our mission, vision and values in all our classrooms,” said Board Chair Michelle Draper. “Students, families and staff see and feel equity, inclusion and respect in our District every day.”

Highlights of the report:

  • 89.5% of teachers, parents and students agreed students are safe at school, are learning how to respect and care for others and are treated fairly in school.
  • 84.9% of teachers, parents and students are satisfied students model active citizenship.
  • 81% of families say students at their child’s school respect each other.
  • District staff supported schools in setting up Gay or Queer Straight Alliances and ensured all our schools have a ‘safe contact’ to support LGBTQ students and staff.
  • The District continues to commit to Mental Health First Aid training to identify students who need intervention.
  • The Community Helpers Program ran in eight District schools where students and staff received training about how to help students with stress, relationships, social issues, depression, suicide and crisis intervention.
  • The District provided professional development on how to champion healthy school cultures.


District administration gave a report to Trustees about how teachers assess and evaluate student learning. Because classrooms are more complex today and the curriculum is increasingly diverse, the way teachers assess and evaluate students continues to evolve as well. Teachers continually evaluate students’ ability to communicate, analyze, infer, problem solve, write, calculate, think critically and show an array of other skills. Students are given numerous opportunities to demonstrate this learning throughout the school year, in addition to writing standardized provincial exams at specific grade levels.

Administration noted staff members have much support within the District when it comes to assessment practices, including:

  • Professional learning sessions for principals
  • In-school professional learning for teachers
  • An implementation guide
  • Discussion papers
  • A Board Policy that aligns with pertinent legislation and professional standards

During Tuesday's meeting, Trustees also passed a motion to ask the government to include financial literacy and consumer rights’ education in the redevelopment of provincial curriculum. In addition, Board Chair Draper thanked emergency crews for their quick and professional response to the weekend fire at Kim Hung School.