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Math Intervention/Programming Instrument

Tue, 16 Sep, 2014

News item: Math Intervention/Programming Instrument

This year, Edmonton Public Schools will be using a new tool with all students in Grades 2 to 9 called the Math Intervention/Programming Instrument, or MIPI for short.

From September 15-19, students will complete a short assessment on math concepts they learned last school year. So, for example, a student in Grade 6 will answer a series of questions based on what they learned in Grade 5. Or, they will answer questions at the level they were working at during the Grade 5 year. The results will not count toward students’ grades. There’s no need to study ahead of time. This tool is simply a way to help teachers know where each student is in their math knowledge and skills and tell us if students need more help in math. If your child could benefit from extra support, their teacher will explore different strategies with you. We’re committed to offering a wide range of assistance to meet each child’s unique needs and support their success.

This is all about strengthening the District’s work to improve math programming and support for students. As this is the first year Edmonton Public Schools will be using this tool, we will watch how things go and make changes as needed.

If you have any questions on the MIPI, please don’t hesitate to contact your principal or child’s teacher.