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Invention Convention 2014

Fri, 25 Apr, 2014

News: Invention Convention 2014

More than 100 students presented their imaginative solutions to real-life problems at the 7th annual Invention Convention today at the Centre for Edmonton. The students were from Michael Strembitsky, Allendale, Dan Knott, Victoria and Westlawn schools.

The convention is part of The Learning Partnership’s I3 – Investigate! Invent! Innovate! program that encourages junior high students to identify a problem in their lives and creatively solve that problem with an invention based on scientific principles learned in class. Some of this year’s inventions include: an underwater camera to use when ice fishing; an air filter system installed on walls to improve air quality in the home; a structure to address homelessness during the winter; an oil transportation tank system with oil spill preventative measures; and adjustable footwear with interchangeable bottoms that can be adapted to suit different terrains.