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    Kindergarten to Grade 6 K-Grade 6
    Grades 7 to 9 Grades 7-9
    Grades 10 to 12 Grades 10-12
    Other Other
    Location Location
    Kindergarten to Grade 9 K-Grade 9
    Grades 7 to 12 Grades 7-12
    Kindergarten to Grade 12 K-Grade 12
    Designated School Designated School

    Disclaimer: Although we’ve made every reasonable effort to make sure this information is accurate, there may still be errors. To confirm school attendance areas, program locations or your designated school contact Planning at 780-429-8539. Contact us to report a problem with this tool.

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    Designated Schools

    Every address in Edmonton has a designated public school. Your designated school isn’t always the one closest to your home. Learn more about choosing a school and registering for school.