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Raise a concern about something at school

If you have any concerns about your child's education or something that happened at school, address them quickly and appropriately.  Communicate your concerns calmly and clearly. 

Step 1: Talk to your child’s teacher

The first step to addressing a concern is to contact your child's teacher. The classroom teacher knows each student's strengths and needs, and can most accurately provide information on how to improve or fix the issue. You can: 

  • talk to the teacher about your concerns and how your child feels
  • be specific about describing your concern
  • ask questions to help you understand school policies and procedures
  • listen to the teacher’s point of view and suggestions
  • focus on the problem, not the people involved
  • be prepared to explore options for resolution
  • follow up on the outcome. 

Step 2: Talk to the principal

If you don't feel your concern has been addressed after talking to your child's teacher, make an appointment to speak to the school principal or assistant principal. They will ask whether or not you have first spoken directly with your child's teacher. A meeting may be set up with the student, teacher, and principal to address your concern.

Step 3: Contact District Support Services

If a resolution is not reached, contact Division Support Services. They will ask whether or not you have already spoken directly to the school principal. District Support Services provides advice and mediation to support schools, parents, community members and other educational partners.

STEP 4: Contact the Superintendent of Schools

If you feel the problem still hasn't been solved, you can contact the Superintendent of Schools or your Trustee.