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Playground Planning

Building or upgrading a playground benefits children and the community for years, but it takes collaboration and lots of time. Edmonton Public Schools can guide and support parent groups and volunteers through this long but rewarding process.

Getting started

Playground committees

Every playground project starts with a playground committee that includes:

  • parent fundraising association members
  • parent volunteers
  • community stakeholders

Throughout the process, your committee may also consult with:

  • Division staff
  • your local community league
  • the City of Edmonton

Your school principal can contact Integrated Infrastructure Services to connect with a playground project manager. Your playground project manager will help guide your committee through the project. An infrastructure grant coordinator from Edmonton Public Schools will also provide support. 

Once your committee is in place, you’re ready to start planning your new playground.

More information

Read our Playground Planning Guide for comprehensive information and resources about:

  • planning
  • playground design
  • grants
  • the process leading to the purchase and installation of playground equipment (tendering)
  • construction for new and existing playgrounds