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Parent-Provided Transportation

In some cases, parents of students in specialized programs may receive a subsidy for parent-provided transportation when a reasonable level of yellow bus service can’t be provided.  

Only one subsidy will be provided for parents transporting more than one child to the same school.


A parent must provide transportation for a minimum of 20 school days per month.

Eligible forms of parent-provided transportation include:

  • driving
  • taxi
  • carpooling

Ineligible forms of transportation include:

  • bicycling
  • walking
  • Edmonton Transit

Subsidy payment

Subsidy payments only reimburse parents for the days they were responsible for transporting students.

Subsidy payment cheques are issued three times each year, during:

  • the first week of February (covering the first day of school to December 31st)
  • the first week of May (covering January 1st to March 31st)
  • the last week of July (covering April 1st to the last day of school)

Prior to the end of each subsidy payment period, schools will complete an Attendance Summary form for eligible families by:

  • recording the number of attendance days
  • signing the completed form
  • faxing the form to Student Transportation.

Applying for a subsidy

If Student Transportation determines that a reasonable level of yellow bus service can’t be provided, you can apply for a subsidy by completing the Parent-Provided Agreement form. Please speak with the principal of your child's school to determine the options that best benefit your child and their needs.