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Schools with Closed Boundaries

Some Division schools nearing capacity may close their boundaries. These decisions are made when space is limited and only resident students within a school’s designated attendance area can attend. Schools with closed boundaries are at Level 2 on the Growth Control Model.

For schools with closed boundaries:

  • students currently attending the school may remain at the school
  • new resident students who live in the school’s designated attendance area can enrol
  • siblings of current students will be accepted, as long as:
    • both siblings will be attending the school next year, and
    • both students pre-enrol before the deadline of March 22, 2024

After pre-enrolment closes at 4 p.m. on March 22, 2024, only resident students who move into the school’s attendance area will be able to attend a closed-boundary school.

Non-resident students can attend another Division school that has space in planned classes.

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