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Keeping schools safe and healthy

Tue, 8 Nov, 2022

News item: Keeping schools safe and healthy

As cold and flu season continues, schools are seeing a higher number of student absences across the city. Having safe and healthy school environments is a responsibility we all share and contribute to, which is why I want to thank parents and families for keeping your child(ren) home when they’re not feeling well. Thank you for continuing to notify schools when your child will be absent as well. 
Ensuring you have up-to-date, transparent information remains a priority for Edmonton Public Schools. Every day, we publish self-reported COVID-19 cases and illness rates for every school in the Division. 
The health of our students and staff is our top priority and we are focused on creating learning and working environments that keep everyone as safe as possible. Our priority remains having students learn in-person. This week, schools have made decisions to shift some large-scale gatherings to an online format.
In addition to students and staff staying home when sick, schools across our Division also:

  • promote hand hygiene
  • clean and disinfect high touch areas
  • have a designated sick room space for students who develop symptoms at school
  • the use of masks at school is encouraged, though the decision to wear a mask or not is the personal choice of each student or staff member; each person’s individual choice will be respected
  • have installed individual HEPA filtration units in all classrooms and learning spaces

As we head into fall break (November 11-15), we hope families are able to take time to rest and recharge. Thank you, again, for your continued efforts and support in keeping each other safe and healthy.

— Superintendent Darrel Robertson