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International Students

International students are offered many different school and program choices through Edmonton Public Schools’ International Student Program.


  • Full-time, challenging academic studies
  • English language learning opportunities
  • Full integration with Canadian students
  • Preparation for post-secondary studies


All programming is based on the curriculum determined by Alberta Education. Students enrolled in international student programming will study:

  • English
  • mathematics
  • social studies
  • sciences

They also have the opportunity to choose from many different option courses.

Learn more about the curriculum, courses and options available for students.


International students have the opportunity to learn about Canadian culture and improve their English language skills by living with a Canadian family through the Homestay Program. International students can also stay in private accommodations with family relatives.


To be eligible for the International Student Program, a student must:

  • hold a valid passport or identity documents for citizenship in countries other than Canada
  • have two consecutive years of academic transcripts showing strong academic levels
  • provide a minimum of one letter of recommendation from a current teacher or principal
  • be able to pay the required fees
  • get a Canadian study permit if staying for more than six months


International students are required to pay tuition and fees. Learn more about costs and how to pay.


Learn more about the International Student Program and how to apply.