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Programming and Curriculum


Each grade has a curriculum determined by Alberta Education. Curriculum is what students learn in each subject area. Regardless of which school or program you choose, your child will receive the same high-quality education. Learn more about what your child learns in each grade at My Child's Learning


Each of our schools teaches the curriculum through one, or a combination, of the following types of programming:

  • Regular Programming

    Most schools offer regular programming, but no two schools offer it in the exact same way. All curriculum is determined by Alberta Education, but a school’s focus, optional courses and activities will vary depending on how it is organized to meet student needs.

  • Alternative Programming

    The Division offers more than 30 alternative programming options. Students enrolled in alternative programming will receive instruction determined by Alberta Education, with a focus on arts, athletics, languages, faith-based or teaching philosophy.

  • Specialized Programming

    Students enrolled in specialized programming will receive instruction determined by Alberta Education, as well as specialized supports based on their needs and abilities.


When regular and alternative programs experience low enrolment, parents and schools work together to increase the number of students in the program. Learn more about how we can create a community-driven plan.