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Planning your project

When planning your playground, remember to involve the community. Developing your playground should become a common goal that everyone can take pride in. The infrastructure grant coordinator can help your committee do a needs assessment that includes local community input.

The planning process also includes determining the ownership of playground land, assessing land conditions, and exploring design options.

Ownership of playground land

Edmonton Public Schools' Planning department keeps up-to-date records on land ownership and property lines. For replacement projects, they can also tell if the City of Edmonton or Edmonton Public Schools maintains an existing playground.

Land conditions

Your playground project manager will help you understand:

  • the land you’re building on
  • the best location
  • possible sizes and shapes of the playground
  • if water will drain properly

Playground design

Features and accessibility

Playgrounds built on Edmonton Public Schools’ property should:

Your playground project manager can help you choose long-lasting equipment that’s:

  • fun and safe for all ages and abilities
  • approved for Edmonton Public Schools-supported projects


Edmonton Public Schools takes playground safety seriously. Division staff supporting playground design, construction and maintenance are trained and certified by the Canadian Playground Safety Institute. They are familiar with current safety standards and can advise on playground maintenance and installation.

Replacement playground projects

Edmonton Public Schools has a trained team that works with the City of Edmonton to regularly inspect and assess school site playgrounds. The inspections help the Division understand:

  • when to begin planning for replacement
  • what needs to be fixed
  • what could be kept
  • what needs to be removed

Sites are prioritized based on safety, drainage, layout and other issues.

Next steps

Once you know what your community wants and needs in a playground, you’re ready to start fundraising. Learn about funding and donations.

More information

Read our Playground Planning Guide for comprehensive information and resources about:

  • planning
  • playground design
  • grants
  • the process leading to the purchase and installation of playground equipment (tendering)
  • construction for new and existing playgrounds