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Grants are an important part of playground fundraising. The Division’s infrastructure grant coordinator will provide support and assistance with developing materials for the application process.


Each grant has its own timeline. A list of available grants and their deadlines and requirements is available in the Edmonton Public Schools Playground Planning Guide.

Many playground committees choose to apply for the Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP), which provides a matching grant. Raising enough money to cover the base amount needed for this grant usually takes between three and five years. It can then take six months or more to get a response after submitting your application.

After the committee receives grant money

Some grants require the funds to be spent within a certain period of time. Be sure to check all guidelines before applying to make sure they can be met.

When to apply

Check the funder’s website for application deadlines; many change from year to year.

Remember that grant availability and eligibility can change at any time, and not meeting requirements could cause your application to be rejected. Double-check the information on the funder’s site before submitting an application. 

More information

Read our Playground Planning Guide for comprehensive information and resources about:

  • planning
  • playground design
  • grants
  • the process leading to the purchase and installation of playground equipment (tendering)
  • construction for new and existing playgrounds