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Prepare for an Open House

An open house is your chance to get a feel for the school culture and to start planning for another exciting school year. Schools may host an in-person event or a virtual one through an online platform such as Google Meet.

Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to know.


Whether you're attending an in-person or virtual event, you should:

  • review information about programs you’re interested in 
  • visit the websites of schools you're considering for your child
  • make a list of priorities and what’s important to your family 
  • help your child consider all the options and activities available 
  • have a list of topics to discuss handy so you’re ready to ask questions 
  • have your child join you


To attend a virtual event, make sure your computer or device is ready. You will need to: 

  • set up your computer, laptop or mobile device in a quiet area with few visual distractions
  • consider using one device if multiple family members are attending since every device used to join the event counts as one participant—sharing a device allows more people to join the event
  • use devices that are fully charged or plugged in
  • check your microphone and camera ahead of time to avoid potential issues

If you don’t have a camera or microphone, you can still join a virtual event to listen to the discussions. Your next step is to go to the school website and look for the event link on the home page. 

If the open house is hosted through Google Meet:

  • you must sign in to a Google account to attend the event 
  • Google no longer allows anonymous users (anyone who isn’t signed into a Google account) to attend a Meet to help prevent disruptions  
  • parents with children who are Division students can choose to sign in using their child’s @share.epsb.ca account

If the open house is hosted through a different platform:

  • visit the website of the school you’re interested in to view important details or instructions about joining the event 
  • you may need to create an account 


If you have additional questions or missed the event, contact the school.