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Topics of Interest

Career Pathways

Our Career Pathways initiative helps students discover their interests, understand the opportunities available to them, and get ready for a pathway that helps them find dignity and fulfillment in their lives after high school.


Alberta Education is updating the K-12 curriculum province-wide to prepare our students with the skills and knowledge they need for the 21st century. Edmonton Public Schools is one of many school districts involved in this six-year project. 

Environmental Sustainability

We promote environmentally sustainable practices through education, protection and conservation efforts.

Inclusive Learning

Learn about our commitment to inclusive learning, including the "Everyone's In" video series.


Literacy education is about more than basic reading and writing skills, it's about helping kids find ways to make sense of the world by acquiring, understanding and communicating information in a variety of ways.

Sexual Health Education

Parent's play and important role in conversations about sexual health education and helping students develop values, and beliefs about information presented in the classroom.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

We're committed to a safe, inclusive and supportive environment for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity