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New Provincial Curriculum Under Development

Alberta Education is updating the K-12 curriculum province-wide. Curriculum, or the Program of Studies, outlines what students are expected to learn in each subject, for each grade.

This project will focus on updating six subject areas: Language Arts (English, French Immersion, Francophone), Mathematics, Social Studies, Sciences, Arts Education (dance, music, drama, visual arts), and Wellness Education (health, physical education, CALM).

Edmonton Public Schools is one of many school divisions involved in this project. An up-to-date curriculum is needed to prepare our students with the skills and knowledge they need for the 21st century.

What's Happening?

The province is gathering further feedback from stakeholders to inform curriculum development. Meanwhile, the Division continues to prepare our schools and staff to teach the new curriculum when the time comes.

Parents can expect to hear more details about field testing and other timelines as this information becomes available. 

Learn more about how Alberta Education is shaping, developing and implementing the new curriculum.


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