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Registered Apprentice Program (RAP)

Program Description

Programming supports students who learn well through on-the-job training and want a career where they work with their hands.

Students enrolled in RAP can:

  • work as an apprentice in one of Alberta’s 50 or more designated trades
  • spend part of the year completing high school diploma requirements and another part of the year working 
  • gain experience at an approved work site
  • accumulate hours toward a ticket while attending high school full-time
  • complete health and safety training
  • get a head start on completing the first year of apprenticeship training while in high school
  • transition into full-time apprenticeship program upon high school graduation

For more information, talk to your high school counsellor or visit Trade Secrets.


Elementary 2024–25

Junior High 2024–25

Senior High 2024–25