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Athlone School

Principal: Janette Pethick
Address: 12940 129 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5L 1J3
Phone: 780-455-5823
Fax: 780-455-6469
Email: athlone@epsb.ca
Web: https://athlone.epsb.ca/


Ward – Trustee

A – Sherri O'Keefe

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About Athlone School

Athlone School delivers academic programs in a supportive, nurturing and safe environment. Staff engage in professional development in trauma-informed care, building healthy attachments, mindfulness and brain health. As part of the Equity Achievement project, we continue to focus on building strong literacy and numeracy skills for all learners. Teachers engage in professional learning and collaborate to build their knowledge and understanding around best teaching practices.

At Athlone School, we use evidence-based practices and intervention for struggling readers. We offer Full-day Kindergarten programming, the Interactions program for students with autism spectrum disorder, and the Connections program for students who need additional support with emotional-regulation strategies and executive functioning skills. Staff in this program have specialized training to help support students.

We work together to foster resiliency and success for all learners, as we build accountability, and increase equity and integrity. 

As an APPLE (Alberta Project Promoting Active Living and Healthy Eating) school, we work with parents and partners to prepare students for successful and healthy futures. We receive excellent support from, and highly value, our Parent Support Association and community partners.


We believe that:

  • Our focus on evidence-based instruction in all subject areas provides a strong foundation for student growth and achievement
  • Success in school is a working partnership between students, staff, parents and the community
  • Using school-wide best practices to enhance students’ social, emotional and academic skill sets directly impact progress and development throughout their K-12 education and beyond

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