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Program Description

Connections programming supports students displaying chronic, extreme and pervasive behaviours. Students require close and constant adult supervision and a high level of structure to function in an educational setting.


  • Develop and demonstrate positive behaviour and social skills
  • Achieve academic goals


  • Improved social skills
  • Improved problem-solving skills
  • Improved self-management and coping skills

Program delivery 

  • Structured classroom environment
  • Predictable and clearly articulated routines, procedures, expectations and schedules
  • Smaller classes for more targeted instruction
  • Opportunities to join other classes for instruction in a student’s area of strength


Students must be in Grades 1 to 9 with severe emotional and behavioural challenges, and a clinical diagnosis. Contact your child’s school for information about eligibility and specialized programming.  

Alberta Curriculum 

All Edmonton Public Schools programming is based on curriculum determined by Alberta Education. Students enrolled in Connections will receive the same high-quality education offered in all of our programs. 


Most schools offering specialized programming have some yellow busing options available. For more information about busing, contact your child’s school or call Student Transportation at 780-429-8585. 


Elementary 2024–25

Junior High 2024–25

Senior High 2024–25