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Alternative Program Yellow Bus

Division alternative programs (e.g., French Immersion, Cogito, Sports Alternative) are only offered in some schools, so students may need to travel outside their neighbourhood to attend schools offering these programs.

Students who choose to attend an alternative program at a school outside of their neighbourhood are not eligible for yellow bus or ETS service if the same program is offered at their neighbourhood school.

Most of the alternative programs offered by Edmonton Public Schools have some yellow busing options available.


To be eligible for alternative program yellow bus service, a student must:

  • attend an alternative program
  • live outside of the walk boundary
  • live within the bus service area
  • be in Kindergarten to Grade 6

View the detailed map on any school page for the yellow bus service area, or contact the school.


Yellow bus routes serving students in alternative programs are called modified-fixed routes. Students on modified-fixed bus routes walk a short distance (usually less than 400 metres) from home to a nearby ETS stop or intersection.


The ride may be up to 90 minutes one-way, but most students are on the bus for less than 60 minutes.