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Kindergarten noon yellow bus

Edmonton Public Schools provides some Kindergarten noon (AM or PM) busing based on available resources and demand for services. Generally, Kindergarten noon busing is provided in neighbourhoods without a community school. It is also provided at most elementary schools where alternative program bus service is available. 


To be eligible for Kindergarten noon yellow bus service a student must:

  • attend the regular program at the designated school
  • live outside of the walk boundary
  • live within the bus service area.

View the detailed map on any school page for the yellow bus service area, or contact the school.

Bus Routes and Stop Locations

Bus stop locations will be at the nearest accessible curb or corner to student’s home with consideration for safety and limitations to access (i.e., any obstacles that would impede the safe operation of the bus).

If there is more than one student requiring bus service within 400 meters, service is designed to be provided at the nearest possible intersection.

Ride Times

Ride times on Kindergarten noon routes may be up to 60 minutes one-way. Our goal is to provide demand-based service while minimizing the ride times.