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Specialized Support on Yellow Buses

Specialized support on yellow buses is provided to students with physical, mental or other disabilities who require a high level of care and attention, are unable to walk to school or use regular yellow bus routes, and who are attending their designated school.

  • Specialized support on yellow buses may be provided where the specialized programming required by the student is not available at the neighbourhood school.
  • Specialized support on yellow buses in rural areas of Edmonton is reviewed on an individual basis.
  • A student's needs are determined by Division assessments that result in the student receiving a coding that indicates the severity of the disability, and appropriate programming.

The principal of your child’s school will work with you to determine which form of transportation would best benefit your child. Depending on your child’s needs, one of the following options may be available:

  • Fixed Route: Students ride standard yellow buses. They are picked up and dropped off at designated stop locations along with other neighbourhood children.
  • Curb Service: Students ride small to moderate sized specially equipped school buses. This minimizes the number of riders per bus and allows for curbside pick up and drop off, where possible.
  • Parent-provided transportation.


Specialized support on yellow buses may be provided for eligible students with mild, moderate or severe disabilities. A student may also be eligible if a principal recommends they attend a specialized program at a school other than their designated neighbourhood school.

Bus routes and stop locations

Door-to-door service is provided at the nearest curb to the destination address that is free of access limitations (i.e., obstacles that would impede the safe operation of the bus, weather conditions) with the exception of apartment buildings, condominiums and cul-de-sacs, which may have a common bus stop area.

Ride Times

  • In-zone ride times (where the school and home fall within the same zone of the city) may be up to 60 minutes one-way.
  • Adjacent-zone ride times (where the school and home are not located in the same zone of the city, but are in adjacent zones) may be up to 80 minutes one-way.
  • Out-of-zone ride times (where the school and home are more than one full zone apart) have no set limits.

Wheelchairs and Mobility Aids

To ensure your child is able to travel safely, some of our school buses are equipped with electric loading and unloading ramps, as well as floor inserts to fasten wheelchairs securely to the bus.

A variety of mobility aids can be accommodated, and will be secured during loading, traveling and unloading.

For safety reasons, we are not able to transport students in strollers, buggies or tri-wheelers.

Seat restraints may be necessary. A variety of different options are available to ensure the child's safety. A variety of mobility aids can be accommodated, and will be secured during loading, traveling and unloading.

Schools can contact their Specialized Learning Supports (SLS) School-linked Team Supervisor should you require further information or support.