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Foundations and Philosophic Commitments


The foundation statements in this section clarify the principles supportive of the public school system in that the school board is a legal entity -- an autonomous body created by the legislature -- intended to function in a democratic manner. 

The philosophic commitments, viewed as an educational philosophy, serve to guide the Board in policy development, the administrative staff actions and the operational decisions of staff. The philosophy should be interpreted through goals and specific expectations.

AA.BP Stakeholder Relations
AB.BP Appeals
AB.AR Appeal Processes
ACB.BP National Anthem and Flag
AD.BP Vision, Mission, Values, and Priorities
AE.BP Welcoming, Inclusive, Safe and Healthy Learning and Working Environments
AEBB.BP Wellness of Students and Staff
AEBC.AR Acknowledging Student, Staff and Trustee Deaths and Bereavements
AFA.AR Results Review
AGA.BP Recognition of Students, Staff, Parents, and the Community

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