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Division Administration


This section contains policy statements and expectations for school Division management, business administration, finance and control aspects of Division operations for effective and efficient stewardship of public funds, physical and information assets.  It contains policy on the formulation of board policy and administrative regulations and the delegation of authority to the Superintendent of Schools.


CH.BP Framework for Policy Development and Review
CH.AR Policy Development and Review
CHA.BP Board Delegation of Authority
CHA.AR Administrative Regulation Development and Review
CIA.AR COVID-19 Vaccinations
CN.BP Managing Division Information
CN.AR Creation, Use and Maintenance of Division Information
CNA.BP Information Security
CNA.AR Security of Personal and Division Information
CO.BP Fiscal Oversight and Accountability
CSGA.AR School Generated Funds
CSGB.AR Administration of School-Collected Funds
CSGE.AR Customer Service Charges
CVB.AR Guidelines for Carry Forward of Funds for Central and School Decision Units
CW.AR Purchasing and Disposal
CWA.AR Expenditure of Division Funds
CZ.AR Cash Security

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