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Human Resources and Employee Relations


These two areas relate to the school board's relationship to staff.


FA.BP Human Resources Framework
FBA.AR Designation, Appointment and Assignment to Leadership Positions
FBC.AR Employment Relationships and Conflict of Interest
FBCA.AR Respectful Working Environments
FBCB.AR Division Staff Code of Conduct
FBCD.AR Mandatory Records Checks for Employees
FBCE.AR Volunteers - Registration and Records Checks
FBD.BP Designated Holidays
FBE.AR Health and Wellness of Staff and Students
FBEA.AR Health and Safety Roles and Responsibilities
FBEB.AR Workplace Violence
FBEC.AR Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection)
FBLA.AR Working Files
FBM.AR Grievance Process
FCA.AR Staff Qualifications Targets
FCAA.AR Contracts for Certificated Staff
FCAB.AR Intern Teachers
FCAC.AR Substitute Teachers Affiliation with Schools
FCB.AR Staffing Procedures Document
FCBD.AR Time in Recognition of Duties Related to Reporting Student Achievement
FGB.BP Evaluation of Superintendent of Schools
FGCA.AR Supervision and Evaluation of Teachers
FGCB.AR Supervision and Evaluation of Exempt Non-Management Staff
FGCC.AR Supervision and Evaluation of Custodial, Maintenance and Support Staff
FIA.AR Pensions
FJA.AR Staff Participation in Alberta Education Activities
FJB.AR Staff Out-of-Division Exchanges
FJC.AR Staff Secondments to External Agencies
FJD.AR Leaves of Absence - Community Service
FJE.AR Leaves of Absence - Military Service
FJF.AR Leaves of Absence - Personal
FLC.AR School Professional Development Days

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