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Provide Feedback on Policies


Each board policy under review will be open for feedback from students, parents, staff, community members and other stakeholders. We are not able to respond to your input, but the feedback you provide will be analyzed and considered during policy review and development.

Policy development and review is guided by Board Policy CH.BP - Framework for Policy Development and Review.


HC.BP Resident Student Enrolment and HEC.BP Non-resident Student Admission and Enrolment

Draft considered by the Board of Trustees: May 2, 2023
Open for feedback: until June 2, 2023

To provide feedback: 

Staff, students, families and community members are invited to share their feedback on the draft policies through a two-part online survey.

The purpose of these policies are to outline guiding principles and values and provide clarity to families and students around student admission and enrolment in Division schools. 

The Board of Trustees wants to hear from staff, students, families and community members to ensure the policies are clear and accessible for readers and reflect the principles and values to guide admission and enrolment in the Division.

The survey should take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Your participation will inform the Board’s final drafts of both policies.