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How Policies are Created

Policy development and review is guided by policy CH.BP - Framework for Policy Development and Review.

The Board is currently undertaking a comprehensive review of board policy to create consistency across all policyThese board policies will have a new format with a purpose statement, definitions, policy statements, expectations and accountability statements. As changes are made to existing board policy, related administrative regulations will be reviewed and revised as needed. The minimum seven year review cycle for existing policies as outlined in the District's Framework for Policy Development and Review has been suspended until the review is complete.*

Revising and Creating New Board Policies

The Board's Policy Review Committee assists the Board in ensuring that all policies are developed in accordance with the Framework for Policy Development and is overseeing the comprehensive review of policy. The Board may also a pass a motion to provide further direction to the Policy Review Committee for example to review a specific policy or create a new one.  

The Administration assists the Policy Review Committee in this work. When assisting the Policy Review Committee in drafting a policy, the Administration considers:

  • any specific direction from the Board
  • analysis of research
  • related legislation
  • stakeholder input

    Stakeholder Engagement 
      • Consultations are planned on a case-by-case basis for each policy. When planning how in-depth a consultation should be, consideration is given to:
        - how controversial is the topic?
        - what is the impact on student learning?
        - how will staff and stakeholders be affected?
        - is the new or revised policy a significant change?
      • The policy AA.BP - Stakeholder Relations provides direction for all consultations. Plans for consultation are provided to the Board of Trustees when draft policies are brought forward to Board for first consideration. 

Reviewing and Approving Board Policies

All policies are considered three times by the Board before final approval.

At first consideration - the proposed policy is recommended to the Board for approval to seek stakeholder review. The Board may make suggestions for changes or amendments prior to approval for stakeholder review.
After first consideration - the draft policy is revised as necessary and circulated for stakeholder review. The Administration will collect and provide an analysis of stakeholder input for the Policy Review Committee reviews to consider for changes to the policy.
Second consideration - the draft policy is reviewed by the Board, and amended as needed.
Note: second and third consideration may be done at the same Board meeting as the Board determines.
Third consideration - the draft policy is recommended for approval by the Board. 
When the Board of Trustees gives final approval to a new policy or a revision to an existing policy:

  • the policy is posted online, and added to the policy manual;
  • the Superintendent implements the policy by developing administrative regulations and processes for staff;
  • the Administration monitors and report back to the Board of Trustees on implementation.

*ADDENDUM The minimum seven year review cycle for existing policy shall be suspended for the duration of the Full Review of Board Policy Project