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Student Placement

  • Code: HB.AR
    Topic: Student Placement
    Issue Date: 31/01/2013
    Effective Date: 30/01/2013
    Review Year: 2018


  1. Decisions regarding placement within the school and within the District shall involve the parents/guardians, and when appropriate the student, and shall consider, but not be limited to, the following:
    1. programming needs of the student;
    2. placement options available; and
    3. student and parent/guardian preferences. 
  1. Relevant documentation will be used in a determination of the programming needs of the student. The school may, with the parents'/guardians' written consent, obtain an assessment of a student's educational, psychological or medical status; and will consider any additional relevant educational, psychological and medical documentation submitted by the parent. 
  1. If parents/guardians will not provide written consent or withdraw consent for assessments the principal shall identify programming based upon best knowledge of the student's programming/educational needs. 
  1. Subject to the District's right to refuse a change in schools [School Act, Section 45 (6)], if parents/guardians, and when appropriate the student, request placement other than the current school and/or program, the Principal shall assist them to find a suitable alternative within the school or District. 
  1. If the Principal is considering a change of placement for a student which involves a change of school and/or program, the Principal shall ensure that:
    1. discussions are held with the parents/guardians, and when appropriate the student, regarding the rationale for the change and the placement options which are available, prior to making a decision; and
    2. when a change of school is being considered for the subsequent school year, discussions shall be held as soon as possible, but no later than the pre-enrolment deadline. 
  1. If the student cannot be provided with programming in the school, the Principal shall locate an alternative placement and shall provide the student with access to programming while placement alternatives are being considered. 
  1. If there is disagreement between the Principal and parents/guardians regarding the suitability of placement, the Principal or parents/guardians may request a review by District Support Services' staff to identify suitable options and assist in resolving the dispute. 
  1. If the dispute regarding placement is unresolved, the Principal shall direct the student to a placement, and advise the parents/guardians in writing of the placement and of the parents'/guardians' right to appeal. Further, the Principal shall provide the parents/guardians with written information regarding appeal processes. 
  1. Prior to a decision for out of district placement, the Superintendent of Schools will direct district staff to review:
    1. the student's programming and/or medical needs; and
    2. placement options available in the District. 
  1. Parental requests for out of district placement shall be:
    1. directed in writing to the Superintendent of Schools; and
    2. responded to as soon as possible but within 40 school days of receipt of the request. 
  1. All out of district placements shall be reviewed and approved on an annual basis by no later than May 31. 
  1. Where a parent/guardian requested an out of district placement and it is not approved, the Superintendent of Schools shall direct the student to a placement in a district school and/or program.


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Alberta Education - Ministerial Order #015/2004 Standards for Special Education
Education Act Section 3, 4, 7, 10, 12, 13, 14, 52

(please see Section 45(6) of the School Act)