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Security and Vandalism

  • Code: DCAD.AR
    Topic: Security and Vandalism
    Issue Date: 29/01/2020
    Effective Date: 26/05/2010
    Review Year: 2015



    Security Services shall investigate break-ins and acts of vandalism as reported by principals. A centrally-monitored alarm system shall be operated in all schools.

    1. On discovering a break-in, or suspicion of a break-in, telephone:
      1. Edmonton Police Service, 780-423-4567 or 911 (emergency), and
      2. Security Services, 780-429-8295.
    2. Both security staff and police shall investigate. Nothing in the damaged area shall be touched or otherwise disturbed until the police investigation has been completed.

    3. A Damage/Loss Report form shall be completed by the school and two copies sent to Security Services. A copy of the form will be provided to Finance to process an insurance claim, if applicable.  Items that have been stolen or damaged should be identified on the Damage/Loss Report form, and should include serial numbers for the items, where applicable.
    1. Students shall be permitted to enter and remain in the building only when they are under direct supervision.

    2. Principals shall ensure walk tests are conducted on a quarterly basis to confirm that security alarm sensors are operating.

    Thefts of money, supplies, material or equipment which occur at times other than during break-ins shall be reported immediately to Security Services (780-429-8295). The principal shall investigate the theft and request police assistance if necessary.

    1. When board property has been deliberately or negligently damaged or destroyed by a student, and the student has been clearly identified, the Principal shall:
      1. immediately inform the parents or guardians of the student involved that the incident has occurred and that they will receive a claim for restitution when the costs of repair and or replacement have been determined;
      2. request the head custodian to complete a Damage/Loss Report form and submit a service request for the necessary repair and replacement;
      3. provide Security Services with details of the incident, including names and addresses of the student involved and confirmation that parents have been informed; and
      4. where the costs of repair and, or replacement have been determined, claim restitution from parents by letter and inform Security Services (780-429-8295).
    2. In cases of minor misdemeanors, and when carelessness on the part of student results in damage to, or destruction of, board property, principals shall assess a percentage of the costs of repair and/or replacement to be borne by the student and shall then proceed as in E.1.(a) above.
    1. Equipment
      1. Replacement and repair costs for equipment damaged or stolen as a result of reported vandalism shall be covered by Financial Operations. This requires that a Damage/Loss Report form has been filed with Security Services and that a police report has been filed.
      2. Principals shall:
        1. submit a request for replacement of equipment to Financial Operations; and/or
        2. submit a work order for repair of damaged equipment to Facilities Maintenance. (In the event of an urgent repair, the repair request may be made by phoning 780-429-8545 during the day or 780-429-8295 after hours).
    2. Buildings
      1. Building repairs and repairs to permanently installed fixtures shall be undertaken as soon as possible after the incident has been reported.
      2. When there is substantial building damage due to reported vandalism, costs of repairs shall be reimbursed by Financial Operations. Proper documentation of the circumstances of the vandalism shall be provided including a police report.

    Notwithstanding the principal's responsibility in F.1., above, where damages resulting from break-ins require immediate repairs and clean-up, the investigating security staff shall arrange those repairs with Facilities Maintenance and make the necessary arrangements for clean-up.