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School Cafeteria Services

  • Code: DFA.AR
    Topic: School Cafeteria Services
    Issue Date: 29/01/2020
    Effective Date: 24/06/2008
    Review Year: 2013


  1. The term "cafeteria services" includes student cafeterias, staff dining rooms, kitchen sales, banquets, catering, and special orders. 
  1. Cafeteria operations shall be self-supporting. Revenues must cover the cost of food supplies and materials in addition to the salaries of cafeteria staff. 
  1. Where vending machines are used to supplement a cafeteria, vending machine revenues shall be considered part of total cafeteria operations. 
  1. In high schools offering courses in the Food Strand of CTS, cafeteria services may be operated as part of the foods program. 
  1. All revenue from Cafeteria Services shall be remitted to Financial Services - Revenue Accounting on or before the 10th of the month following the month of receipt and shall be allocated to Food Services revenue object.


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